Ari Blitz is a Los Angeles based music producer, mixing and mastering engineer.  With over 10 years of experience and a diverse range of music genres, he has worked on Grammy nominated recordings and attained numerous platinum and gold records.

Ari's passion for music began at a very young age.  As a singer/songwriter from Baltimore, Maryland, Ari grew up playing live shows with various bands, virtually every night of the week throughout the East Coast.  In 2008, he transitioned to Scottsdale, Arizona, attending the Conversation of Recording Arts (CRAS) to future his education in music production.  It was there when Ari met his mentor, Shelly Yakus (Tom Petty, Steve Nicks, John Lennon) and would eventually move to Los Angeles.  

Ari’s work ethic and training with Shelly Yakus propelled him to become one of the most notable up-and-comers in his field, where he has gained top-of-the-chart credits with artists such as; Lady Gaga, Ricky Martin, Sofia Reyes and Jason Derulo and more.